FFBC will be holding all Prayer Meetings on Zoom until further notice. Zoom is an app that can be downloaded onto a computer and is available on the app store for iOS and Android

1 - Connecting on a Computer

1.1 - Downloading the Installer

We first need to download the Zoom app installer. The download button will look like this:

You can download the installer at this link:

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1.2 - Installing the app through the installer

Once downloaded, proceed to install the app by clicking on the installer and completing all the prompts that are given to you.

1.3 - Joining Prayer Meeting

Once Zoom has been installed on your system, you can join the Prayer Meeting by either clicking on the zoom link of the meeting or by typing the meeting ID in the Zoom App.

1.3.1 - Method 1: Clicking on a Zoom Link

The Zoom link for prayer meeting is here:

Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting now

After clicking on the Zoom link, you may get a prompt like this

Click on Open to join Prayer Meeting

1.3.2 - Method 2: Typing in the Meeting ID into Zoom